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 Posted: 8 June 2019 09:29 am
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Phil F

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Some of you will have seen anf bought the Matt Laminating film I have for sale.
Suitable for most models 40 inch span and up . As said finish is clear matt and looks like tissue . It takes any type of paint well .This film is applied like solarfilm/profilm but using a higher heat . It deosn't shrink quite as much so needs to be applied a bit tighter bur shrinks tight as a drum and stays tight 

 Its two ft wide and cost £ 1-50 a meter to club members . £2-25 to non club members.
 I now have some lightweight covering. Same matt finish but less than half the weight of the first lot . This is only 330 mm wide so is suitable for smaller models . Its
Same price as the wider heavier covering .
If interested PM me or call me 

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