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 Posted: 31 July 2011 03:22 pm
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Phil F

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I have finally finished the SPAD combat model . Powered by an AP 15 it flew really well despite a well twisted correx wing:? it trimmed easily. I had to test fly it on a 8x6 prop instead of the 8x4 we have agreed to use ,as its all I had in the box :P. An 8x4 should give it more acceleration and allow the motor to really buzz. The AP15 is excellent and light little engine ,very smooth with lots of power and reliability .The 4oz tank lasted for ages . I blanked off the ends of the wing with some light balsa ribs fixed with copius dollops of evostick :shock: to reduce drag . All up wieght ? I'm guessing about 2 to  2 1/2 lbs . When you have yours finished do put some colour marking on it as half a dozen or so identical black and white things buzzing around could be a bit confusing . looking forward to some inter club dog fights :). Lets see some more at the field and let battle commence :D

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