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Vintage Models
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 Posted: 10 November 2011 09:45 pm
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No not my wife :)

I got one of my Old Timers down from the loft the other day.

The plan is to convert it to Radio assist.

The tissue covering has seen better days and I wanted to check the joints, so I removed the old covering.

What I need is a more durable covering. In the past I probably would have gone for silk but its like £13 a meter these days. Has anyone had any experience with Airspan or litespan? will it look ok on a vintage model. Failing that recommend some other covering.



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 Posted: 10 November 2011 09:58 pm
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I've made use of Litespan on several models with good results. Its easy to use and is fairly tough. The first time I used it was to recover a vintage KK Gypsy. There is less less risk of distortion than with tissue and dope as it doesn't shrink too much and of course there is a range of colours. I even used it on the open framework elevator of my Lanc and gave it a couple of coats of PolyC before airbrushing the camoflage on.

Good stuff 

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 Posted: 11 November 2011 08:30 pm
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Phil F
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Hello Bob. As martin says lightspan is a great covering material. It has a different finish on either side, one side is a sort of semi gloss doped finsh and the other side is matt.most modellers cant tell the difference when its applied and think its tissue. Its also already fuel-proof against glow and diesel fuels. Its really ding proof as welland will last ages without warping, unlike tissue and dope. If you want an even lighter coveing the airspan is the one but it is porous and needs a light coat of non shrinking dope to seal it then fuel proofing if your using fuel power. Dont use balsa lock to fix it as it will lift . Use cover bond by deluxe materials or clearcoat fuel proofer to fix it down . i always opt for the Clearcoat and covering are still good after some years and lots of diesel powered flights . If you look at the build threads on the frog 45 or the Taylor-craft there is abit on using the clearcoat as an adhesive . 

Hope it helps .


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