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I have a CEN New Timer, it's a high wing pylon job around 54inch span & around 1 1/2 pound with Rudder & elevator. It currently has a standard 400 brushed motor, mounted by the front plate & 8.4 Volt 800mAh Ni Cad. It looks like the speed controller has died & the ni cad isn't fantastic. The question is can I swap the motor for a brushless without rebuilding the whole airframe?

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Phil Fearn

Sure can . Have a look on "Giant Cod's "web site he sells all sorts of motors at reasonable can buy a brushless motor thats a direct replacement for the brushed item ,but if you can change the motor to an out-runner it will have much more torque and be able to swing a larger prop.  For decent duration I would suggest discarding the Nicads and replace with a lipo battery . You will also need a new speed controller ESC for the lipos and three phase motor . A little expense but will be rewarded with better flying times and much more power. Let us all know how you get on


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