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 Posted: 26 April 2017 06:44 pm
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Mike Smith

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When I first flew the Ladybird the coweling was fitted as per the plan and was a real pain to operate the engine. It did not last long and in a fit of peek I chopped it off. Easy to run the Merlin now. But with out the characteristic dustbin on the front it lost a lot of the appeal for this model.

So I made a new one from laminations of 64th ply and 1/16th balsa. light and strong.
The former at the rear is shaped so that I can remove it if I need to. Just 3 screws hold it in place.

In free flight the fuel tank was on the outside on the port side of the fus' just behind the engine. So I made a tinplate tank, as can be seen, to give me an estimated flight time of up to 4 mins. After 5 mins I get brain freeze on the RX so that will be more than enough.


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I use "The Force"
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