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 Posted: 8 May 2017 10:07 pm
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Ladybird's airframe was sanded and filled where needed. Sanded again and given a coat of sanding sealer. Sanded again.
I like to use heavyweight jap tissue as it is relatively strong, easily applied with thinned aliphatic glue and one can achieve a reasonable vintage finish. Red for the fus' and white for the wings and tailplane.
I had forgotten how awkward the rear fuselage was to cover, the first time round, with all the compound curves. H/w tissue does not do these. The rear fus', fin and rudder has 17 separate pieces of tissue to try and maintain the curves without any wrinkles.
Airframe was sprayed with a mist of water and allowed to dry slowly. This was done twice to ensure a taught surface. Two thin coats of shrinking dope and then two thin coats of non-shrinking dope to give a good finish. A very light sanding and I was ready to paint.
I pushed the boat out here and purchased two spray cans of gloss Spectra enamels, red and cub yellow £££s. The results are not too shabby.
Applied a few decals, finished the basic closed loop system to the rudder and installed the engine and cowling etc.
C of G seemed ok and now I just need to be patient and wait for a calm day to give it a wiz.:)

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