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 Posted: 10 May 2017 11:35 am
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Mike Smith

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Went to Stickfast with the Ladybird on Wednesday. Ideal conditions with a slight breeze.
Hand Launch to check the and glide found it to be very nose heavy??? I concluded that the cg on the plan is not as accurate as it should be. I added 15 grams of lead to the rear fuselage. Almost exactly the same amount I found in the tail when I stripped it down.The trim tabs were given a tweak of up and tried again, long glides ensued. Now it was time to crank up the merlin and invoke "the force". Heart in mouth off it went from a hand launch. Nothing to worry about and it behaved impeccably, just as I remembered it in free flight mode. Gave it a few clicks on the rudder trim to get it to circle left and put in 30% expo to stop it lurching in the turn. Second flight was similar. 
Went home with a smile on my face.:D See you down there with it!!

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I use "The Force"
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