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 Posted: 5 July 2021 06:37 pm
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Hi everyone,
Apologies if this is in the wrong place but I have a little dilemma. I am in the middle of building an Ugly Stik and have decided to add a wing bandage for a little more strength. I used a Deluxe Materials Wing joining kit purchased through Amazon (I needed next day delivery and had access to prime). I put the bandage on and applied the resin as per the instructions about 24hours ago. The resin is still tacky in most places and transfers to fingers in others. The ratios can’t be wrong as the entire contents of both pots were added and stirred thoroughly. What’s left in the pot is still runny in places and cured in others. The problem is I think it’s to far gone to remove without severe balsa damage. The temperature is well up so can’t be that causing the issue. Does anyone have any advice or hacks to save the wing? Perhaps applying some heat to help the cure? Have I missed something obvious or do I have out of date epoxy?

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